Cauliflower Gratin Recipe, Perfect For Those Winter Months!

Cauliflower Gratin Recipe, Perfect For Those Winter Months!

It’s pouring with rain here today and so my mind turns to more warming comforting foods. Throw away the crisp salads (well it feels very carefree to say this, probably won’t happen though as I do value my health) and bring on the old classic favourites! Just today.

Cauliflower Gratin isn’t part of the polished ‘blingy’ dishes that have just hit the restaurant runways, however this delicious accompaniment has continued to knock the socks off all self-respecting roast meals since, well I can only imagine, since people started to eat food! Roast meals are great, but people’s eyes seem to open just that little bit wider when they see Mr Cauliflower Gratin on the side!

Which brings me to the humble cauliflower itself. Probably not from a very ’well liked’ family, being the cabbage family (actually I think there are some devoted fans out there) and I do think cauli’s are prettier on the eye separated into cute little florets – rather than one eye-balling the whole thing. Poor old Cauliflower, he doesn’t win many vegetable beauty pageants, but certainly can turn on the flavour charm when he gets together with old cheesy!

On a more serious note though, cauliflower’s main source of calcium is in the green leaves. Many, I think throw these out, including me, up until I learnt this little fact.

And quality is not necessarily in the quantity, meaning big cauli’s may not be better flavour- wise. Choose one that is dense and heavy, a clean white or cream colour (without those unsightly blotches) and stay away from the ones that have yellowing leaves (Nah not fresh.)

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